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        Welcome to Dongguan Yonghao Electric Industry Co., Ltd.

        Internet Marketing Specialist
        1, female, college education, marketing professionals 2. At least 2 years work experience, familiar with office software applications;
        3, familiar with the major B2B, B2C platforms operate on the network marketing has a unique perspective;
        4, know how to use search engines, blog, forums and other promotional methods to expand the promotion;
        5, online communication ability, affinity groups and good knowledge of the language ability, good at dealing with customer relations;

        Sales representative
        1, male, college educated; Marketing Professional
        2, engaged in sales or related channel sales more than 2 years;
        3, with strong negotiation, information gathering, communication skills and pressure capabilities, independent development and customers in a relatively short period of time;
        4, familiar with product sales market;
        5, strong execution and market development capabilities; in engineering projects have customer groups are preferred;
        6, direct marketing, telemarketing experience is preferred

        Contact us

        Dongguan Yonghao Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
        Add:Jinghai West Road, Shatousha, Changan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China
        Tel:0769-85335588 85335338
        Fax:0769-85392020 85359302
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