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        The installed capacity of floating photovoltaic projects in Southeast Asia is growing rapidly

        Floating photovoltaics are quietly gaining popularity in Southeast Asia, and the installed capacity of projects is growing rapidly. Before 2019, the total installed capacity of floating photovoltaics in the entire ASEAN region was only 1 MW; at present, the total installed capacity of floating photovoltaics in the region has reached 51 MW, and 858 MW of projects are being planned in.

        According to the latest report released by the Institute of Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), as of 2018, the installed capacity of floating photovoltaics in China and Japan alone has reached 1.3 GW. Although there were few floating photovoltaic projects in Southeast Asia, they started to actively participate in the development of floating photovoltaics last year. More and more ASEAN countries are building floating photovoltaic projects in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, and even offshore.

        According to the statistics of the report, in February last year, Singapore Cleantech Solar built a 2.8 MW floating photovoltaic project; in July of the same year, Singapore’s national water supply company PUB conducted another tender for a 50 MW floating photovoltaic project. It is planned to be completed in 2021. Another Thai EGAT company also invited a 55.5 MW floating photovoltaic project in June last year, and planned another 24 MW project. Vietnam DHD also invested in a floating photovoltaic project with an installed capacity of 47.5 MW last year. At the beginning of this year, Indonesian state-owned company PLN signed a 145 MW floating photovoltaic project construction contract with UAE company Masdar.

        Another author of the report, Jane Ahmed, pointed out that in Southeast Asia countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, tight land resources are an important reason for investors to favor floating photovoltaic projects. At the same time, the development of floating photovoltaic projects can also use the original transmission infrastructure in the region as much as possible, which helps reduce the expansion cost of the power grid.

        Article Source: Cable Network
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