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        Fujian invests about 5.2 billion yuan to promote nuclear power construction

        With economic development, Fujian's energy demand has shown a trend of rapid growth. However, there is a lack of conventional energy sources such as coal and petroleum in Fujian, and hydropower development has become saturated. Building nuclear power plants to ease the pressure on energy demand has become an important choice. At present, the total installed capacity of nuclear power in Fujian is 8.71 million kilowatts.

        According to a report by the Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission on the 6th, in the first half of this year, Fujian’s four nuclear power bases in Fuqing, Xiapu, Zhangzhou, and Ningde have completed a total investment of approximately 5.2 billion yuan, 47% of the annual plan.

        It can be seen from the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan for Energy Development in Fujian Province" that Fujian, on the premise of adopting the highest international safety standards and ensuring safety, has steadily promoted the construction of nuclear power and increased the proportion of nuclear power installed capacity and power generation. The government work report of Fujian Province in 2020 is clear again, and it will effectively implement the green industry guidance catalog, and the installed proportion of clean energy such as hydropower, nuclear power, and wind power exceeds 56%.

        To this end, Fujian emphasizes the simultaneous advancement of new and traditional infrastructure. The “Special Action Plan for the Implementation of New and Traditional Infrastructure Construction” issued by the Fujian government pointed out that the urban and rural distribution networks and rural power grids should be further upgraded and upgraded to enhance power security capabilities, and the province’s installed power capacity will reach 61 million kilowatts by the end of the year.

        At present, nuclear power construction in Fujian has entered a "fast lane". According to the disclosure of Fujian Provincial Development and Reform Commission, the “Hualong No. 1” demonstration project Fuqing Nuclear Power Units 5 and 6 completed an investment of about 1.9 billion yuan in the first half of the year. The commissioning of Unit 5 was basically completed and the preparation for loading began. Unit 6 is being installed Nuclear island primary and secondary circuits and main cooling water pump; Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Phase I project completed investment of about 1.66 billion yuan in the first half of the year, and unit 1 is undergoing containment construction; Xiapu Nuclear Power completed investment of approximately 1.41 billion yuan in the first half of the year; Ningde The supporting topics for nuclear power unit 5 and 6 project approval have been completed and qualified for approval.

        As expected, Unit 5 of Fuqing Nuclear Power Station will be connected to the grid for power generation in 2020, Unit 6 is planned to be completed and put into operation in 2021; Unit 1 of Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Station will be put into commercial operation in June 2024, and Unit 2 will be in April 2025 Put into commercial operation.

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