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        U.S. natural gas production and demand will decline in 2020-2021

        The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) stated in its "Short-Term Energy Outlook" (STEO) that as the government takes measures to slow down the spread of coronavirus and reduce economic activity and energy prices, US natural gas production and demand will be in 2020 And in 2021, it fell from the historical high of last year.

        The EIA expects that by 2019, dry gas production will drop from its historical high of 92.21 bcfd (billion cubic feet per day, the same below) to 89.24 bcfd in 2019, and 84.23 bcfd by 2021.

        EIA also expects natural gas consumption to drop from a record 84.97 bcfd in 2019 to 82.35 bcfd in 2020 and 78.62 bcfd in 2021.

        This will be the first annual decline in consumption since 2017, and the second consecutive decline since 2006.

        EIA's July 2020 gas supply forecast is lower than its June forecast of 89.65 bcfd, while its latest 2020 demand outlook is higher than its June forecast of 81.87 bcfd.

        The agency predicts that U.S. LNG exports will reach 5.35 bcfd in 2020 and 7.28 bcfd by 2021, which is higher than the record 4.98 bcfd in 2019 and lower than its June forecast of 5.70 bcfd in 2020. It is 7.31 bcfd in 2021.

        The carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels are expected to decrease from 5.13 billion tons in 2019, the lowest level since 1992, to 4.507 billion tons in 2020, which is the lowest level since 1983, and then with the use of coal The increase in volume will increase to 4.775 billion tons by 2021.

        Source: Cable Network
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