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        The largest charging station built by Guangdong Power Grid is officially put into operation

        On July 1, the charging station with the largest capacity invested and constructed by Guangdong Power Grid Company was officially put into use. According to reports, after all the charging stations are put into operation, there will be 105 charging piles with a total capacity of 8543 kilowatts. 85 charging piles were put into operation at a time, with a total capacity of 6,854 kilowatts.

        It is reported that the charging station is the third large-scale new energy vehicle charging station jointly constructed by China Southern Power Grid's Guangdong Shanwei Power Supply Bureau and Shanwei Yueyun Company, and is located in Shanwei Haifeng Science and Technology Park. The charging station project will be built in two phases. After all are put into production, the station will be equipped with 95 sets of AC 84 kW special charging piles and 10 different specifications of public charging piles to meet the needs of all types of electric vehicle charging and serve 1360 electric vehicles in the city of Shanwei. bus.

        For many years, Shanwei Power Supply Bureau has actively promoted the development of electric vehicles and actively participated in the construction of the charging market. Since 2016, the Shanwei Power Supply Bureau has started to build charging infrastructure. At present, 49 electric vehicle charging stations have been built and put into operation in five districts and counties in Shanwei City, with a total of 293 charging stations and a total capacity of 18,400 kilowatts. In the second half of the year, Shanwei will have 13 stations to complete construction. It is estimated that by the end of 2020, the total number of charging stations will reach 443, and the total capacity will reach 28,400 kilowatts by then, which can better meet the charging needs of Shanwei public electric vehicles and private electric vehicles. Provide a strong guarantee for citizens to travel green.

        In the future, Shanwei Power Supply Bureau will actively use "Internet + Charging Service" to innovate business models, resolutely help Shanwei fight well and win the "Blue Sky Defense War", and make new and greater contributions to the beautiful pearl of Shanwei's coastal economic belt.

        Source: Cable Network
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